Short for Biography. A description of a character's likes, dislikes, past, behaviors, familiy, etc.

Character List
A list of playable characters for that particular setting and who is available or unavailable for play.

In Character. This is generally included after an OOC comment or question.

Someone who is designated to help the owner of the game keep things in line and answer questions as well as solve problems the players might have. There may be many of these depending on the number of people that are a part of the game.

A new gamer in general, or someone new to the specific game.

Out Of Character. You put this term before a question or comment about the game or in the subject so that those reading it know that what you are writing isn't part of a character post.

A moderator in their own right, but they are the SOLE person in charge of a game. They created it. There may be more than one but usually not more that two.

The email that contains the characters thoughts and actions.

If it is a simple tag generally it means anyone can respond to the post. Generally there is a name after the tag and the person playing that characters should respond to that post.

To be continued. This is often put at the end of a very lengthy post or a post that there will be more too. That way people know that there is more to come and will most likely not tag or interact with your character, or understand that there is something else your character has something else to finish first.